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Sworn translation of documents

For a foreign document to be recognized by Polish authorities, it needs to be translated into Polish by a sworn translator (tłumacz przysięgły). Send us a copy of your document by email.

sworn translation of documents

Sworn Translation - Rates

In the Polish Republic, sworn translation is the only recognized form of certified translation of official documents.

Sworn translators are required to keep a formal record of their work and are answerable to the Polish Ministry of Justice.

The sworn translator uses a round seal, issued by the Mint of Poland upon order of the Ministry of Justice and inscribed with the translator's name and unique identification number, to confirm that the translation is a true and accurate rendition of the original document.
Each translation also carries a repertory number, and the annotation "consistent with the source document". See FAQ.

I have held the title of sworn translator since 1998.
External link - Entry in the database held by the Polish Ministry of Justice.

Typical documents such as:

birth, marriage, and death certificates, criminal record checks, insurance history certificates, no impediment to marriage certificates, school reports, diplomas etc.
£20 per document

Typical documents - larger volume (examples):

  • Polish student's (credit) book (or indeks): £80 - £150
  • University diploma supplement: £60 - £80
  • Set of documents needed when applying for bank credit in Poland (P60, payslips, bank statements, employment contract) : from £100 per person

Other texts

depending on the subject matter and level of difficulty £20 to £35
per standard page.

Typical documents shall be translated within three working days.

Express jobs (1 working day) - 100% surcharge.

To enquire about translation costs, please send us a copy of your document by email.