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Polish-English Translation and Interpreting. London.

Privacy Policy

General Remarks

We take our Clients' privacy very seriously.
Any information we have access to is treated as confidential.
We shall not disclose any information pertaining to our Clients to anyone except the appropriate authorities
within the limits defined by law.


Email addresses, shipping addresses, telephone numbers etc:
these shall be used only towards the end of fulfilling your translation order.
We do no send out any "Special Offers", "Greetings", or other types of spam messages.

Information included in the translated documents:
such information shall be treated as strictly confidential.
Access to this information is only granted to the person working on a specific assignment.

Payment-related information:
Our online payment system is hosted by PayPal, trusted by over 175 million users.
We neither have, nor wish to obtain, access to our Clients' financial information.

Data security:
We shall do our utmost to prevent accidental data leaks caused by breakdowns. Our workstations and servers use Linux - an operating system well-known for its exceptional security. Our operating systems and applications are updated on a daily basis. The local network is isolated from the Internet by a hardware firewall.
Additionally, client information is protected by a password system.

Cookie files:
Our website uses cookies to perform statistical analyses of user behaviour. We access data such as the average length of visits on site, number of visits, etc. The cookie files do not enable us to track individual behaviour or identify specific users. You can choose to block cookies in your browser preferences.

"Our Clients' Feedback" sub-page
Entries made by Clients on this page are accessible to the general public. If an entry contains personal information, such as an email address, home address, or telephone number, such data shall be deleted by the administrator.

Final Remarks

Our Clients have the right to access, correct, or demand the deletion of their personal information held by us.
For obvious reasons, this right does not extend to possible deletion or correction of a closed invoice.