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Polish - English Translation & Interpreting. London.

Polish to English certified translation of documents

polish to english translation

Certified Translation - Rates

All translated documents are accompanied by a certificate,
thus ensuring conformity with the regulations of the British law.

Please note: If you wish to present a British document to the Polish authorities, please use the option of sworn translation.

Typical documents such as:

birth, marriage, and death certificates, criminal record checks, insurance history certificates, no impediment to marriage certificates, school reports, diplomas etc.
£20 per document

Typical documents - larger volume (examples):

  • Polish student's (credit) book (or indeks): £80 - £150
  • University diploma supplement: £60 - £80

Other texts

depending on the subject matter and level of difficulty £20 do £35
per standard page.

Typical documents shall be translated within three working days.

Express jobs (1 working day) - 100% surcharge.

To obtain a quote, please send us a copy of your document by email.